Since the end of the 19th century the Austrian administrative district of Zell am See, in the federal state of Salzburg, has been a typical tourist destination. Most of these tourists come from neighboring countries, but in the last decade this has begun to change. The region has seen a dramatic increase in Saudis tourists during the summer months, thanks to word of mouth combined with advertisements of local travel agencies.
With temperatures rising up to 50 degrees during summer in the Middle East, the Austrian Alps have become a preferred destination of nearly 70,000 people from the Gulf States, causing an economic boom in the region.
The contradiction between the affluent citizens visiting and the negative images linked to the 2015 refugees crisis could not go unnoticed. I began to document the encounters of these Saudis tourists with a different culture. The environment that is depicted in the Quran’s text about paradise is similar to the geography and nature of Austria.