Brexit – from North to South

Introduction by curator Giulia Colletti (EUROPHONIA Project)

EUROPHONIA is proud to support Elisa D’ Ippolito’s socially engaged research project BREXIT, from North to South.
She is an Italian photographer living and working in Bruxelles. She is mainly interested in story telling photography and she is going to travel around the UK to discover details and people’s humour about such a historical event like the 2016 UK Referendum. BREXIT, from North to South is her photographic project aimed at documenting this complex and delicate landscape through a journey, crossing the UK from North to South.
HOW >> Her trip will begin on June 12th in Edinburgh and will end in London on June 26th. The route has been developed with reference to the voting intentions gathered by YouGov, a UK polling site.
She is starting her research in Edinburgh and Glasgow, in the heart of European Scotland, then she is going to pass through the county of Cumbria, which is probably the most skeptical central UK region, to finally arrive in London, during the days immediately preceding the vote. The survey will continue in the capital during and after the counting of the results, which will define the fate of the United Kingdom in EU. She is going to travel on public transports to increase the chance to meet and chat with British people. Each stage of the route will be explored and documented from the inner city to the suburbs, from main political events to neighbourhood pubs and public places, to record the highest possible amount of visual notes.
WHY >> The project’s goal is to create a photographic record which can describe the emotional nuances of the country in what will go down as a historic moment for the UK and for the European Union.
WITH >> EUROPHONIA will follow Elisa over her tree-week-long trip, sharing along with her the story, feelings and fears of British people, in order to collect all different moods that could be, as Scottish writer Sara Sheridan once said, “a fabulous starting point” for new future archives.